Endorsements & Testimonies

Pastor Chuck Smith:

    Jesus taught us in Matthew 10:16, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Therefore, as a prudent measure and believing this to be from the Lord, I believe we at Calvary Chapel should be in support of this amendment. Isaiah 1:17 exhorts us to seek judgment and to relieve the oppressed. This amendment would help to accomplish just that.

The core issue is that we desire to continue to freely share our faith in Jesus Christ as well as every part of the Bible. We will need to gather almost 1 million signatures. Please let us know if you will be willing to gather signatures when the time comes to do so by contacting Pastor Allan Esses at PastorAllan@YesJesusIsLord.Org. If passed, the amendment will serve as a wise preventative measure to help in our calling as pastors to feed His sheep. Let’s keep in prayer and remember the battle belongs to the Lord.

Pastor Chuck Smith, Acts 20:28

To read the complete letter sent to all Senior Calvary Chapel Pastors click here:
Amendment to California State Constitution

Dr. John Morris:

This amendment has the potential to be greatly used in restoring right thinking to the people of California. It seems dedicated anti-Christians have set themselves up as gatekeepers on thinking, speaking and even participation in the public arena. But the Constitution and logic in general guarantees otherwise. This amendment could at least reintroduce freedom and protection where it is sorely needed.

Dr. John D. Morris, President,

Institute for Creation Research

Dr. Keith Wiebe
In support of the two proposed amendments, Dr. Keith Wiebe, President of the American Association of Christian Schools writes:

"The American Association of Christian Schools represents many Christian Schools and their attendant ministries in California . The free exercise of religion is at the core of Christian Education and of any civilized society."

In support of the two proposed amendments, Dr. Dan Davidson, President of the Golden State Association of Christian Schools writes:

"The Golden State Association of Christian Schools represents thousands through its ministry. The preservation of first-amendment rights in these days of Constitutional assaults is vital to our liberty, for students, families, schools, and churches."